Today we find ourselves dealing with an unprecedented situation. The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has been an intense time for all of us in the past few weeks. We have been asking questions which would have seemed unthinkable just a few weeks ago. How can I best protect my teams? How do I keep my business running and productive? What will the world look like after this is all over? The situation we’re all dealing with will likely have a lasting effect on the way we connect with each other and get things done going forward, and as such I wanted to share with all of you the real-time offerings we have available at FIREX that we believe can best support our customers and people.    

SSDU’s – Self Service Distribution Units 

We at Firex fully understand the difficulties and challenges faced by our customers and our industry during this time and we hope that we can play a part in helping you and your business run as smoothly as possible with contactless collections at our SSDUs as well as the ongoing efficiencies gained from this concept. Our SSDU’s are the perfect solution for what we’re all encountering right now – social distancing, remote working, stock available 24/7, only purchase the stock that you need and easy to use . If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to use one of our SSDU’s, now is the perfect time! We can arrange a call or skype to show you our presentation on the Self Service Distribution Units, and how easy and time saving they are. Below you will find links to our product listings as well as a “how it works” video of  our Self Service Distribution Unit model. 

For how our SSDU works, click here SSDU, How it Works 

For what we carry in our SSDUs click here SSDU Product Listing 

Supporting Our People and Each Other 

Just like you, we are deeply focused on our employees and their safety. As we navigate this new reality, we stand behind all of our people and our commitment to you.