Click to Text is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a link on our website that will automatically populate a text message when clicked. Click to Text works best on your mobile. If you’re on your phone, go ahead and click here to try it out. 

At Firex, we understand the busy lives everyone leads and we want to provide alternative ways for our customers to contact us. We know everyone tries to jam in hundreds of tasks every day and we value your time more than ever. We don’t want you to drop what you’re doing to call and we understand that sometimes you don’t want to wait for a response to an email, so this is the solution for you!

Benefits of texting:

  • Texting gets things done fast
  • Convenient communication channel - text when it suits you best
  • If you find yourself in a crowded place, texting won’t disturb others
  • If you’re in a rush, a quick text will save you time
  • Everyone knows how to send a text
  • Used on any device – no internet required!

Efficiency is the key for us just as it is for you — placing an order, answering a question as soon as possible, or seamlessly communicating when we have time throughout the day, means we’ll all be more productive.

Messaging customer service isn’t just a young kids game. It only takes a few minutes around any young person to know that mobile adoption is high within that demographic. But millennial's (ages 18-34) aren’t the only ones that prefer messaging. Text messaging is the most used form of communication for adults under 50 (Gallup), and even adults over 55 send and receive huge amounts of texts every month.

Messaging is not only quick and efficient but also really convenient.

24/7 x 365 days. Another convenient Firex solution from a Brand You can Trust.

Happy texting!