Our 6th Melbourne warehouse is now open

FIREX SHEDS: Revolutionising Convenience in Hoppers Crossing and Beyond

Say hello to a new era of self-service convenience with FIREX sheds (SSDU – Self Service Distribution Units). The latest Hoppers Crossing shed, nestled at National Storage on Graham Crescent, is now open and geared up to simplify your life.

The revolutionary FIREX shed concept operates 24/7, 365 days a year, putting you in control of when and where you access your fire safety supplies.

When you want, Where you want. 24x7 warehousing – it’s the FIREX difference

Hoppers Crossing Shed and Beyond: A Statewide Network

In Victoria, FIREX sheds have again spread their wings, offering flexibility and accessibility at FIVE locations. From Cranbourne in the East to Hoppers Crossing in the West, we've strategically placed our sheds for your convenience. Check them out:

How FIREX Sheds Work: Your Personal Warehouse

Imagine an unmanned warehouse that's open whenever you need it – that's what a FIREX shed is all about.

Whether you're heading to a job or wrapping up your day, access supplies, pick up stock, or drop off used cylinders at your convenience.

It's like having your own personal warehouse, available 24x7.

Key Benefits of FIREX Sheds: Efficiency Unleashed

Why opt for FIREX Sheds? Here's the game-changer:

  • Less Driving: Visit the closest shed, saving time, petrol, and tolls.
  • Greater Efficiency: Get to jobs quicker, leading to happier customers and more billable hours.
  • Flexibility: No more checking warehouse opening times – access your supplies whenever you need them.
  • Save Time, Save Money: 24x7 Access, Anywhere in Victoria

With FIREX Sheds, time is on your side. Our locations across Victoria are open 24x7, ensuring you can collect stock whenever the job demands it. Don't worry about checking the clock – our sheds never close. Plus, our sites offer Swap & Go CO2s and disposal cages for ultimate convenience.

Victoria Sheds: Stocked for Success

Our Hoppers Crossing Shed and other locations stock all our popular product lines. If you need something specific, let us know – we'll arrange it for you. Stay tuned for new additions to our range, and feel free to suggest products you'd like to see on the shelves.

5 Simple FIREX Shed Steps: Your Hassle-Free Solution

Using FIREX Sheds is as easy as 1-2-3-4-5! Place an order via phone or email, receive your entrance code, select your stock, drop off used cylinders, and be on your way. It's convenience redefined.

5 Steps to SSDU success
See how easy it is to use FIREX SSDU

Questions? Contact Us!

Have queries about FIREX Sheds or any other products and services? Reach out to us at 1300 246 247.

Your convenience is our priority at FIREX, and we're here to make your fire safety experience seamless and stress-free.

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