Watch our short video to find out how you can save both TIME and MONEY with our network of Self Service Distribution Units (SSDU) also known as FIREX Sheds.


Bob's success story is not just a testament to efficiency; it's a narrative of strategic decision-making that positively impacts both professional and personal aspects of life. The FIREX SSDU offering transcends the traditional boundaries of a supplier and empowers fire technicians to be more than responders; it transforms them into efficient, cost-effective professionals.

Bob's ability to access FIREX SSDU 24x7, complemented by a network strategically placed across Sydney, ensures he is rarely more than 10 kilometres away from essential supplies. This accessibility translates to time saved, fewer kilometres driven, and ultimately, a more satisfied clientele.

Paradigm shift

Choosing FIREX SSDU is not merely a decision; it's a paradigm shift. Fire technicians can break free from the limitations of traditional suppliers, as vividly illustrated in Ben's case. The ability to collect stock when needed, reduced travel time, and minimal vehicle wear and tear all contribute to a more prosperous and rewarding business.

So, the next time you hit the road, ask yourself: Are you being like Ben or Bob?

FIREX SSDU: 'When you Want, Where you Want’ – because it's the FIREX Difference that defines success.

Watch our video and see for yourself how you could save both TIME and MONEY using FIREX’s SSDU network.

With 22 warehouses, we have the largest essential services network in Australia. In fact, in Sydney you’re rarely more than 10 kilometres from a FIREX warehouse. And being open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year we ensure that the products you need are available WHEN you want, WHERE you want. 24x7 warehousing, it’s the FIREX difference.

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